The Art of Building Relationships ​

Here’s what our clients say about their experience with INsite Networks.

The peace of mind is beyond description

“I have been working with INsite Networks for over 20 years. As our IT demands have grown, INsite has been on the ball, providing unparalleled service and support through every need and demand.​

We absolutely depend upon our computer systems to maintain extensive record keeping and accounting programs. INsite Networks has created a unique and specific backup routine to handle my extreme concerns over loss of data and the integrity of our property management software. Remotely, they are even able to confirm the validity of our backup system on a daily basis, making changes and adjustments as needed instantly. The peace of mind this provides me is beyond description.”

Eric R. Andresen, CPM®, President

Viking Services Corporation & dba West Coast Property Management, San Francisco
Client for the last 25 years

They make me feel like a priority in their attention

“First and foremost, Kirk and his team are great at what they do. They solve problems quickly, and that’s important to our law firm. I trust their recommendations, and I’m comfortable that they don’t oversell. Our relationship is based on years of trust. When we have a computer that has to be replaced, they know what we need, order it and get us up and running ASAP.

I highly recommend INsite Networks.”

Jeff Lerman, Principal

Lerman Law, San Rafael
Client for more than 13 years

They only charge for the work they do

“We were having security issues, and our former IT provider didn’t cut it. Then we found INsite Networks. The techs were very informative, really listened to our issues and offered solutions. The customer service is great – they stop by the office to talk about issues, and are very proactive. And the best part is, working with INsite Networks saves us a lot of money.

Our fixed cost with the previous provider was $240/month plus an hourly fee. With INsite we don’t pay a fixed fee. And, they don’t charge for asking questions… they only charge for the work they do. As a nonprofit we really appreciate that.

Nick Morse, Finance Operations Coordinator

Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership, San Rafael
Client for the past 7 years

Professional, that’s for sure

“Kirk and his team know what they’re doing, that’s for sure. We had been on a monthly service contract with another IT provider and it was very expensive. A new hire recommended INsite, and working with them has been seamless and effective. They streamlined our system and we’re saving a lot of money. One time our server went down and they had it all backed up on the i-drive and we were able to continue working. We didn’t lose any time!”

Ron Autrand, Co-Owner

Commercial Door and Frame, San Leandro
Client for more than 15 years

If there’s a problem, they do everything possible to get right back to me

“A lot has changed since we first started working with INsite Networks. We now have more people working remotely, and Kirk and his team make sure everyone has access to the server. If there’s a problem, they do everything possible to get right back to me. When we needed new servers and a new CRM system, they got us set up and running like clockwork. Kirk knows exactly what he’s doing. I’ve seen him push Microsoft when there’s been a glitch in their software. Our office has had anywhere from 7 to 18 people, but I know INsite handles a variety of large companies, and they do a great job.”

Michael Shaffer, President/Managing Partner

Management Recruiters, San Francisco
Client for the last 25 years

INsite helps us have the most reliable system for our business

“INsite Networks is our go-to IT support team. Over the years they’ve kept us up and running with multiple upgrades and revamped the system that runs our software. As a retail operation, we run inventory, logistics, HR and sales from one software application. INsite provides the network that runs the whole system and keeps it safe and secure. The team is well-trained and responsive. I trust their judgement, and I like that they explain things so that people who aren’t technical can understand.”

Joel Summerfield

ProClean Supply, Modesto
Client for the last 20 years

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