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A few years back, INsite Networks was shopping for a new cloud-based email filtering solution. We had originally started with Postini, which was bought by Google and eventually incorporated into Google Docs only. We then migrated our clients to Postini’s biggest competitor, MX Logic, which was subsequently purchased by McAfee, which was then purchased by Intel. Unfortunately, this product was then discontinued. So where did that leave us?

Enter: Trend Micro HES

Trend Micro, a global leader in antivirus and email security, has been our endpoint antivirus security product for over two decades. Our choice was validated by Cisco’s decision to bundle Trend Micro with their networking equipment. Around the time MX Logic was being shut down, Trend introduced a new product, their Hosted Email Security or HES.

We moved all our clients from MX Logic onto HES, due to the ease and cost-savings they’d realize. But before long, we started receiving support calls regarding the inability to block senders. After a review, we discovered that Trend was only working off the email envelope address (analogous to a FedEx Tracking Number) and not the sender email address.

Moving the Mountain

INsite contacted Trend Micro, who, surprisingly, was open to our suggestions for changes to their Hosted Email Security. We met with the product manager, explained the situation and waited for their technical review. Soon afterward, we received an email indicating that they were going to modify their HES product to incorporate our requested changes. Our clients were ecstatic. They were now getting the results they had been familiar with in the past and were saving money, by virtue of the bundled product.

For a global company to listen to a reseller and be nimble enough to respond quickly and change their product is…well, unheard of in the industry.

INsite Networks resells only a limited number of preferred products. You can see why Trend Micro with its “Set it & Forget it” style products and amazing customer relations is a company we’re pleased to represent.

Let’s get to work.

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