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As the timeline of technical product maturities has progressed the very nature of the industry has returned to its beginnings. When technology was referred to as ‘Data Processing’ there were only a few providers of technical infrastructure. These were known as ‘Service Bureaus’. Tasks were submitted to Mainframe computers that were owned by these service bureaus. Now ‘Information Technology’ tasks are submitted to a myriad of infrastructure providers and the modern name for this is referred to as ‘The Cloud’. Every business will be conducting business in one of several ways on The Cloud, either presently or in the future.

INsite Networks has chosen Intermedia to be its primary One-Stop vendor for cloud services. As Microsoft’s largest global Cloud-Based Partner, Intermedia has demonstrated that they are worthy of being our client’s best selection for their Cloud-Based networks. Most companies lose their charm as they grow, by demonstrating an inability to be nimble and a decline in the quality of the support of their products and services. Intermedia is still the same responsive company that they were when they were a smaller company and the quality of both their customer service and their technical support has improved. This is a company that answers phone calls, usually within 30 seconds or less. We align ourselves with great companies that have great philosophies. A great company, product or service without great support is no longer a great company. Intermedia has continued to increase their quality and layers of support. We can provide superior value to our clients by being an Intermedia Partner.

Intermedia has really sculpted a very accurate offering of Cloud Services that covers a majority of the base infrastructure needs of companies.

Intermedia Provides

Cloud Based Networks

When all of the services provided by a single ‘responsive’ provider, it simplifies the sourcing of cloud services and the support. This is true for both you the client and for INsite Networks, as your IT Services Provider. Intermedia has been an incredible partner to do business with as Cloud Services provider. INsite Networks only partners with a select few companies. We choose only the best for our clients.

  • Email Servers – Microsoft Exchange Server in two flavors
    • Hosted Exchange Server as a standalone service
    • Microsoft Office365 Exchange Server
  • File Servers – Also in two flavors
    • Virtual Servers in The Cloud
    • File Server Syncing to The Cloud
  • Office365
    • Bundled with their other service offerings or as a standalone product
  • Email Encryption
    • Policy-Based ‘On the Fly’ Email Encryption for HIPAA-Compliance & Legal
  • VoIP Phone Systems
    • Bundled with their other service offerings or a standalone product
    • Full-Featured Mature Phone System with Advanced Software Console for all users

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