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Allied Packing & Supply, Inc.

“In July of 2006, our entire computer system crashed. Basically we were dead in the water with no computers at all. Needless to say, this crash slowed things down to a crawl at our office. In our industry, you need to run fast, not crawl.

“INsite Networks was very understanding of our situation. They managed to locate the components we needed and the software to fix our problem.

"We are tied to a company [not INsite Networks] that is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep regarding our software. This software company was contacted and no response was given. They wanted to extort a large sum of money to fix the problem. At the same time, we also contacted INsite Networks.“INsite Networks was very understanding of our situation. They managed to locate the components we needed and the software to fix our problem.”

"INsite Networks was very understanding of our situation. They managed to locate the components we needed and the software to fix our problem. Not to mention the price, but it was a fraction of what the other software company wanted. INsite Networks solved and fixed our problems in a hurry. We were up and running in a very short period of time. A new server and new software were installed. Things were back to normal as they should be.

"We have had no problems with our computers since, and if a problem should occur, we are confident that INsite Networks will take care of it.

"We have been working with INsite Networks for many years. The type of service and commitment that INsite Networks gives to us as their customer is exceptional. We are more than pleased to have them on our side."

Steve Woodbury, General Manager

Allied Packing & Supply, Inc.

5303 Adeline St.

Oakland, CA 94608

(510) 654-3274


Maid Brigade

"I was having a very weird software problem. The vendor who sold me the software himself gave up on the problem. Then I had 2 different technicians from other software companies come to fix it, but neither of them had any luck in resolving the problem.

"INsite Networks. Inc. came in and fixed the problem. I appreciated their 'never give up attitude' which saved me lots of time and money.

"INsite Networks also shows up when they say they will, and they reply to phone calls and emails in a timely manner. They are just great."

Bruce Abbott

Maid Brigade

(415) 459-4992 (Marin)

(510) 535-9500 (East Bay)


E Purchasing Solutions Inc.

"We were having a problem with our server — it would reboot spuriously and would also freeze up for no apparent reason during the middle of the night.“INsite Networks showed us that they really cared about our business.”

"We called INsite Networks and, within 3 hours, they were able to resolve the actual hardware condition that was causing the server to reboot. They identified a problem with the existing RAM memory DIMM’s in the server, isolated and removed the DIMM’s that were causing the problem, removed the covers from the server, and placed desk fans directed into the server for cooling purposes. They also ordered a new replacement server within that 3 hour service event period. The server operated faultlessly for approximately 3 weeks until the new server could be deployed. All of this was accomplished over the phone remotely.

"INsite Networks showed us that they really cared about our business. They worked quickly and, most of all, accurately. They also educated us during the process, which was very helpful for the future.

"We at E-Purchasing Solutions are very grateful that we have INsite Networks looking after our business. They are true professionals. We would recommend INsite Networks to any business, without hesitation."

Paul Matharu

E Purchasing Solutions Inc.

48521 Warm Springs Blvd., Suite 313

Fremont, CA 94539

(866) 413-0012


Marklein Auto Body, Inc.

"Our relationship with INsite Networks dates back to late 1994. While I have never met Kirk and his team in person, INsite Networks has become an important part of Marklein Auto Body. From designing our computer network to building our preconfigured PC’s to technical support, INsite Network’s customer service has been exceptional. And all of this is from his office in the San Francisco area to our office in rural Wisconsin. Remote support at its finest, and years before it became the norm.

"INsite Networks has been instrumental in bringing our business into the computer age. From hand-written estimates to a Novell based network to Microsoft Small Business Server, we have been able to handle increased business more"We recommend INsite Networks whole-heartedly to anyone in need of network support from the ground up." efficiently while constantly adapting to the changes our industry has put before us. We now have an estimate written, submitted to the insurance company and approved in a matter of minutes rather than the days or even weeks required previously.

"Issues that arise have always been handled promptly with a simple phone call or e-mail to INsite Networks He and his staff have been courteous and friendly and have handled the issues in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Follow-up calls are the norm, another indication of their concern for their customers.

"INsite Networks has also been responsible for keeping us up to date with software and hardware updates, upgrades and recommendations for improved ways for getting business done more effectively and efficiently.

"We are happy to be customers of INsite Networks and recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone in need of network support from the ground up."

Dave Marklein, Operations Manager

Marklein Auto Body, Inc.

110 E Leffler Street

Dodgeville WI 53533

(608) 935-5171


San Rafael Chamber of Commerce

"Our current hardware (including our machines and our servers) and our software (both our Operating System and Microsoft Office products) had not been upgraded in many years. Many of our staff members were on different versions of these software programs.

"InSite Networks gave us an assessment of our system. They helped us prioritize our needs (both what our minimum requirements were as well as what we had on our technology wish list). Being a nonprofit organization, we had a defined technology budget with financial restrictions. InSite Networks was able to supply our Board of Directors with all of the answers necessary so that they would fund our technological needs.

"With the help of INsite networks, we now have a technology system that works. We have new computers and a server that handles all of our data.  I have been very pleased with the equipment.

"I am most appreciative of the dedication INsite Networks has for their clients."

Stacy  Wheeler, Vice President

San Rafael Chamber of Commerce

817 Mission Avenue

San Rafael, CA  94901

(415) 454-4163


West Coast Property Management (WCPM)

"I have been working with INsite Networks for the past 15 years. As our IT demands have grown, INsite Networks has been on the ball, providing unparalleled service and support through every need and demand.

"As a property management company, we absolutely depend upon our computer systems to maintain extensive record keeping and accounting programs. INsite Networks has created a unique and specific backup routine just to handle my extreme Kirk and his crew are truly diamonds in the rough!concerns over loss of data and the integrity of our property management software. Remotely, they are even able to confirm the validity of our backup system on a daily basis, making changes and adjustments as needed instantly. The peace of mind this provides me is beyond description.

"I have full and complete trust in Kirk and his entire IT staff. I trust them explicitly and am grateful that I do not have to worry about the integrity of my IT systems. I am also more than willing to refer Kirk to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and loyal contractor to maintain their IT and network systems. Kirk and his crew are truly one of the diamonds in the rough!"

Eric R. Andresen, CPM®, President

Viking Services Corporation, dba West Coast Property Management

714 Van Ness Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 885-6970


The City Club of San Francisco

"Due to hardware space issues, several of our main software applications were failing to run or capture data properly. Our computer systems were running under a server that was both old and running out of storage space. Furthermore, our PCs were running slowly, crashing on occasion, etc.

"INsite Networks assessed the situation, diagnosing the problem with the server and its storage issues. INsite Networks suggested purchasing an additional server which would both alleviate the data storage issues as well as add a second backup server to our IT infrastructure. (Previously, we did not have a backup server; we used backup tapes. By suggesting a 2nd server, INsite Networks concurrently solved our backup issues.) Finally, our PCs were defragged and cleaned up a bit.

"Despite still using the same PCs, with the addition of the newer (faster) server, our PCs are working a lot faster themselves. We no longer have storage issues and our main applications are functioning properly. Our PCs are running a bit quicker thanks to the defragging as well as having our main applications run off a faster server."

Jennifer C. Desideri

The City Club of San Francisco

155 Sansome, 10th floor

San Francisco, CA 94104

(415) 362-2480


Management Recruiters San Francisco Bay

"For the past 10 years, I’ve used INsite Networks as my vendor for tech support. Their service and support has been great.

"We were adding a numbers of drives “If I have an urgent problem, INsite Networks responds immediately.”to one of the servers and Dell had given us incorrect installation instructions. The server went down and could not be repaired immediately. Kirk supplied us with a temporary server within 24 hours, which we used for almost a year.

"If I have an urgent problem, INsite Networks respond immediately. I have never considered exploring other tech support companies in the time I have worked with INsite Networks."

Michael Shaffer, President

Management Recruiters San Francisco Bay

3 Waters Park Drive, Suite 222

San Mateo, CA 94403

(650) 548-4800 ext 3322


Kayak Zak’s

"It goes without saying that INsite Networks is a company with excellent service, knowledge, experience, and professionalism.

"Many companies provide excellent service, knowledge of product, and experience, but for my business that is not enough. INsite Networks recognizes that each client is different and individual and not merely a category to be boxed into. INsite Networks is a socially conscious business with a heart and soul."

Marna Powell, Owner

Kayak Zak’s

(707) 498-1130


Marine Mammal Center

"INsite Networks is responsive to our needs and consistently provides the service and technical knowledge necessary to maintain a stable, state-of-the-art network computer network for us.

"The software they have installed allo“The Marine Mammal Center is in good hands with INsite Networks.”ws our staff to create and monitor cases anywhere in the world. INsite Networks has configured each computer to be accessible remotely. This has allowed our researchers and veterinarians to travel to remote locations and obtain instantaneous support. The Marine Mammal Center is in good hands with INsite Networks."

Virginia Quick

Marine Mammal Center

Marin Headlands

1065 Fort Cronkhite

Sausalito, CA 94965

(415) 289-7335


Inn Marin

"Over the past 8 years, our company (just like any company with computers) have had either hardware or software system failures.

"When we have emergencies, INsite Networks is always available to resolve the problem. They are especially available when the problem occurs after hours or over a weekend.

"As a result of working with INsite Networks, our systems are rarely ever down. They are backed up quickly and function properly. INsite Networks is always courteous. They always follow up to make sure that our systems are still working well after they have been over to fix something."

John Marshall

Inn Marin

250 Entrada Drive

Novato, CA 94949

(415) 883-5952, x562




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